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Can I bring a friend ?
Yes! A plus one is always welcome whether that be a friend, partner or guardian.

Can I listen to my music ?
You may wear headphones/earphones. 

Are card payments accepted ?
While cash payments are preferred, card payments can be made.

What if I need to reschedule ? 
It's highly advised you communicate your need to reschedule at your earliest convenience. If there is a no-show, the appointment will be rescheduled, as deposits are not refunded.

What if I'm sick on the day of my appointment ?
Please let me know if you are feeling unwell that morning so your appointment can be rescheduled (covid or not).

How can I prepare for my tattoo ?
If you have dry skin, moisturise daily a week before your appointment. It is much appreciated that you come in already shaved in the area you wish to have your tattoo; this saves the disposal of a single use razor.

What if my friend can't make it to the friend-for-flash appointment?
The session booked for you and your friend will have to be rescheduled otherwise the discount will not be applied.

How can I go about getting a custom design?
In the application form, discuss your ideas along with attaching reference photos. A draw up fee will be applied which will be quoted before scheduling a tattoo appointment. Draw up fees are dependent on size, time consumption, detail and level of difficulty.

What if I don't like the result of my custom design?
Throughout the process of creating the artwork, you will be given photo updates that are in need of review and approval before further commencement to assure by the end that you are happy with the result. 

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