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Once the tattoo covering has been removed, do not re-cover unless told by the artist.

After showering, avoid drying with your bath towel (this still harbours bacteria) instead use a paper towel or air dry.

Keep your new tattoo clean with warm water and soap,
followed by fragrance free moisturiser, bepanthen or ‘Dr. Pickles’ tattoo balm (Found in Coles/Woolworths/Chemists). 

Do NOT exfoliate your tattoo until it's fully healed.

Avoid swimming in pools/beaches for 2 weeks.

Do not pick or scratch your tattoo if it's itchy, however slapping is acceptable.

Avoid sun exposure until your tattoo is healed.

For sternum, rib, back, upper thigh, hip tattoos please avoid tight fitting clothing and under garments and materials that are not 'breathable' (Cotton I always suggest; linen is also acceptable.

For hand tattoos including the wrists, avoid exposure to harsh chemicals and exfoliants until your tattoo is fully healed.

If you have any questions regarding the healing of your tattoo please click on the members chat for more information.

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