[WIP] Victorian Botanical Portrait

The beauts of Spring !

I've noticed how easy it can be to stray on the path of hyper focus + laziness ; lemme explain -- Ever realised after looking back on a piece and gaze at the beauty only to notice how much it blurs out, surrounding itself with, well, wasted space? I love art (duh), but to think about filling the entire canvas, corner to corner with strict detail and colour makes me think 'uh~ Noe♡'. I needed to throw away this fantasy of 'convenience' (posting everyday because speed and algorithm) and started investing more effort in consistent flow of this one piece. So here we have a sketch-piece here with some light colour planning soon to be layer on layer on layer ; which I'm kind of looking forward to, kind of not although i'm sure at the end of it ill be both impressed and exhausted. Theres still a long road ahead